As per astrological Testimony the installation of “ Ganapathy ”,” Shasthave ” as well as “ Nagaraja ” with “ Nagakanyaka ” and “ Acharya Bramarakshasu ” where already been done through the sponsorships made by the natives of the payyanad along with the contributions from the worshipers also
Now the Temple Development Community is trying for the renovation of the temple along with the punapradishtta “. The proposed date of pradishtta is 2015 February 27th instant. The estimated cost of the event is around 25(twenty five) Lakhs.
It is a hard and fast task to our people concerned as all are belongs to poor labor families. with our limited resources we sponsored the main shrine and balikallus for the time being
So we wish to approach the well wishers and worshipers of Lord Shiva for the whole hearted co-operation and help from all abroad
It will be thankful to all in the name of Lord Shiva for the contribution by kind or money.
For making contributions please contact through the website or in writing or by phone